3 Benefits of Gold Masks You Need in Skincare

Queen Cleopatra adorned her throat with layers of gold, and when found across the world the precious material turned into jewelry from fine smiths. Gold boasted legends of both protection and healing, usually placed over the veins and paths in the body to keep illness at bay.

It’s no wonder that centuries later, while still glittering as necklaces and earrings, gold is finding its way into the medical and health industry. Part of that is treating our largest organ, the dermis, to golds benefits through skincare.


  • It’s Anti-inflammatory – Keep Calm, and Gold On

Gold when used in the upper layers of skin, not on a nano-level, can calm areas affected by acne and skin irritations. Those who like the skin benefits of rose will likely enjoy the perks of what a gold mask offers.


  • That Pigmentation – Lighten Up and Even Out

Spots from acne and skin damage can leave patches of skin without even color. Hyperpigmentation is a long process to heal, but it can be eased with golds skin circulating benefits.


  • All the Sun Damage – Get Things Smoothed

Sun damage happens from daylight when the skin is unprotected by sunscreen, hats, and shade. Free radicals, which damage the cellular structure, cause cancers and signs of premature aging. Gold helps repair some of the damage, and a reason why it’s being used for other uses in healing.


We infused gold in our own face sheet masks, along with caffeine extracts and bee venom. But there are countless ways gold can be used. Just make sure to weight the benefits and cons of it, usually being that it is more expensive in skincare. But for the right price point and essences, you can treat yourself to a little golden spa time at home, like the Queen you truly are daily.

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