3 Face Oils - Figuring Out the Good, Better, and Yikes

One of the most confusing and beloved staples in skin care, face oils bring up a myriad of reactions. Newbies cringe at the idea. Experimenters get flashbacks from a breakout. But the third group knows what’s up. They’ve found a few tried and true favorites, and know the sheer bliss of balanced skin with face oils.

You can too, with just knowing the ones that are good, better, and usually a major yikes.

Coconut Oil

Praised in the health communities as a favorite, coconut oil is slathered, devoured, and relished. It migrated into beauty in balms, butters, and now it’s used as the first step in a skincare routine to remove makeup.

Is it a good idea? Probably not. It tends to be pore clogging, and break people out. You can try it, but don’t change anything else in your skincare routine and you’ll find out if it works for you or not.

Argan Oil

An oil priced from moderate to high, argan gets used frequently later in the routine to nourish skin. After going viral in many popular skin care lines a couple years ago, argan tends to work well for most people.

Most people. Try to find one that is a higher quality, and if doesn’t work great at the end of your routine try and use it for removing makeup before a water-based cleanser.

Rosehip Oil

You’ll find a lot of benefits from this flower. Loved for skin softening, skin clearing properties, rosehip oil tends to be fairly affordable and easy to find. While it doesn’t work for everyone, if you want to start in with an oil this is one of the most affordable and well-received ones on the market.

If you want to ease into it, just try a couple drops in places you find need the most moisture and balance in the evening to see what happens.

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