3 Ways Rose Face Masks Are Gold for Blooming Skin

Roses feel soft, with a divine aroma. Next time you get one, know that it’s ancestors have been healing the skin of your ancestors too. Within skincare routines, like Korean Skincare methods, using rose is one of the favorites for anyone who knows it’s natural, powerful benefits.

Rose is just one of those beloved ingredients, because any skin type – from dry and mature to young and acne prone - can find it refreshing.

  • Hydrating: Getting water within the deeper layers of the skin come from water based products and molecules. Okay, so without too much jargon it means rose products that can deliver hydration below that top layer of skin. It’s what we did when formulating our Rose Happy Skin Korean Facial Sheet Mask
  • Refreshing: Combating stress, sickness, poor sleep, or whatever else happens on bad days – or weeks… honestly maybe years – means needing to reset. Rose is gentle enough to not strip skin like skincare acids. Relax in the tub with the Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

We Love Our Roses

We hope you’re a little inspired by roses, and the goodness that comes from them. If you’d like our articles, tips, giveaways, and promotions please sign-up to our list to join our Happy Skin Family!

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