The Best Skincare Tips from Mothers

Mothers, Grandmothers, and Soon-to-be Mothers Know What Works.

Before we think our mothers don’t know what’s best (teen years, we’re looking at you) and after we’ve had or been around children, a mom’s words turn into treasure. For skincare, let’s pull out the top tips from the wisest women in beauty.

  • 1) Apple Cider Vinegar:

    Neutralizing, apple cider vinegar is a staple in the cupboards of many homes. What is does is calm anything, be it external or internal. You can use it in skincare by applying it onto skin as a toner, diluted with a little water. You’ll find clearer skin usually, within about two weeks. Our favorite is by Bragg’s, including the much-needed mothers (yep, it’s really there).
  • 2) Rose Hips:

    Used often in tea and skincare, rose hips ease up cramping, and soften skin. Brewing rose hips in a tea is a great way to ease up inflamed skin by using the tea bags. For a deeper level of moisture instead, try products like rose hip oil and rose extracts within sheet masks – yes, we love our own.
  • 3) Cold Water:

    You’ve probably come across those face dunk baths for the face to set makeup (it was a trend that’s more popular in Asia). But for generations, the only way to really get clean in a pinch involved chilly water. Today, water is known to seal up hair into a shine, and close the pores on the face. For a summer chill on warm skin, just a simple ice cube can do wonders pre-makeup.
  • 4) Lavender:

    Gathered in fields over centuries across the globe, lavender is found in nearly everything. But finding true lavender is important, because the de-toxifying properties of it can’t be artificial or from a fragrance which can irritate the skin. Anything from Pelindaba, an organic lavender farm on the San Juan Islands, is great – like lotion to use in skincare.

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