5 Ancient Beauty Secrets We Should Never Forget

Some people age so well, with skin near perfect.

There are plenty of things that are theorized about it, but all the science, gadgets, and new trendy gym class can’t explain it all. What about those who even in ancient times held beauty long before we all knew about sunscreen? Let’s explore a beauty trip way down memory lane.

  • 1) Aloe Vera:

    Cleopatra, the Queen of both a land and beauty regime, combined aloe vera with honey for a moisturizing mask that nourished her sun-drenched skin. Keeping aloe vera on hand is simple, as the succulent needs little care and offers wonderful benefits to dehydrated skin.
  • 2) Lemons:

    In ancient Greece, lighter, golden hair was a divine gift. To brighten hair in the sunshine, women often used fresh squeezed lemons in their locks. Lemon used on skin, hair, or within water offers an alkalizing benefit to rid the body of being acidic.
  • 3) Gold:

    Thin flakes and powders eaten on foods or stirred in drinks, Chinese for centuries take gold to prolong their beauty and health with 24k gold. Today, a way to infuse gold into your life is with nourishing masks, especially those made from hydro-gel that go deeper.
  • 4) Charcoal:

    Rome brought charcoal into widespread use for a variety of ailments. The cleansing of the bloodstream brings benefits to the skin, brightening dull complexions. Using charcoal directly in skincare clears blemishes, either in a paste or sheet mask form.
  • 5) Honey:

    One of the most ancient of all beauty staples, honey mixed in baths, applied as the first face mask, and treating skin conditions dates back over a thousand years. Today, honey is still eaten around the world, used as an antibiotic, and mixed into skincare routines to clear the skin.!

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