Breakouts? Why Face Masks Can Annoy Your Skin

Getting skin more relaxed, and clearer.

Sheet masks are designed to provide a relief to the skin, improving moisture and offering beneficial essences. But customers of various brands are finding sheet masks, like much of skincare, to be hit in miss in how it responds to the skin. Let’s explore the most common reasons so you make the best choices possible for yourself.

The chemicals inside matter a lot.

Chemicals make or break(out) your skin. They can be natural or synthetic, but some are not what you want to have soaking into your pores. The most common one is tricky, because it is something that you might use elsewhere – fragrance.

You notice yourself sneezing when it comes to perfumes?

That’s from fragrance getting added. It’s why many places don’t allow people to wear it – especially in places like hospitals, schools, or restaurants. To check, read through the packaging and see if any added fragrance is the culprit to your skin woes.

And the preservatives? They could be even worse.

Preservatives are needed in skincare, otherwise products will spoil generally anywhere as short as days to a couple of months. But many preservative are safe, allowed not only by the FDA (a less strict regulator) but also Korean, Chinese, and European standards (much stricter – and the ones we model our products from).

One of the worst contenders is not always even disclosed with transparency.

MIT (methylisothiazolinone), allowed in some countries, is one of the least desirable preservatives. Worse, the concentrations of it when tested when beyond the “safe” levels. Beyond cute packaging or a cheap deal, be careful with the largest organ of your body absorbing unsafe additives.

The last thing to try and rule out are your own allergens. Before smoothing on a sheet mask, first try to test it out. Open the package, and use a little of the essence on your skin – like the inner wrist. You can seal up the mask, and wait a day or two to see if there is any redness, rash, or other signs of irritation. If you find any, try to see if it could be the base – like aloe vera or rose – that’s causing you problems.

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