Face Cleansers - Everything You Need to Know

The Thing About Oil Cleansers

Taking off the grime of the day, oil cleansers come in as the first step in skincare routines. They work to rid the bulk of things off the skin, both seen and unseen. While a lot of people like to try and use coconut oil if you find it pore clogging try others like jojoba, almond, and argan oil.

When to Use it?

Every evening, usually by rubbing things around with your hands. You’ll always follow this up with the next cleanser, otherwise, you’re leaving your face with a lot of leftover residues.

The Next Step With Water Based Cleansers

After an oil cleanser, a water-based cleanser happens next. Unlike the oil cleanser, you’ll find this to have a wide range for a lot of skin types. For dryer skin, try and find one with words like creamy, moisturizing, or milky.

And Finally…

You go ahead and use this cleanser nightly, and sometimes in the morning if you have oily skin. In the evening you can use a cleansing tool, but if you find skin irritated try and go for a gentle washcloth for less exfoliation.

Ingredients to Avoid

For easily clogged skin, skip any coconut oil or true milk-based products. Watch for fragrances, parabens, and phthalates which are all irritants present in some skincare. Start with more affordable cleansers, or get samples because you won’t know how things react to your skin type for a few days.

Cleansers to Try for Every Budget and Skin Type

Go hunting for cleansers, but for a few ideas of affordable, well-reviewed products these are a good batch. Read through descriptions and main ingredients to know if things are meant for your skin type and routine.

Feel Pumpkin Walnut Cleanser - $28 - Gentle, all around balanced


Nourish Organics - $9 - Ideal for dry skin, hydrating 


Perfect Natural Soap and Wash - $17 - for oily skin, very gentle 


PINK Cleanser - $18 - all around balanced, clearing for skin 


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