Face Moisturizers - Everything You Need to Know

The Thing About Moisturizers

Moisturizers put up a wall of defense against the dryness that is life after the teenage years. They are created out of a lot of different ingredients, many of different whipped blends of oils. Applied last at evening or morning before sunscreen, making sure you have a moisturizer that keeps you less dry but not pore-clogging is important.

When to Use Them?

Moisturizers can get used anytime, but night and day after skincare are common. For a lighter application, try a refreshing mist unless you’ve got patches of dry skin or other signs of needing moisture. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Ingredients to Avoid

For some, coconut oil bases work great for their skin. For others, it’s one of the most common bases in a moisturizer to clog pores and cause breakouts. Read everything within it, and start to try and notice a pattern. Find ingredients that pack other benefits, so you’re addressing more than one challenge.

Cleansers to Try for Every Budget and Skin Type

Moisturizers that bring a good value will keep skin balanced, and clear. It shouldn’t feel greasy when dried down on the skin. Try and search for a moisturizer that isn’t going to be too expensive, but is made with quality ingredients.


Foxbrim Peptide Moisturizer - $20

Beatnik Naturals Cream Moisturizer - $30

CLN & DRTY Shea Butter - $18

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