Face Toners - Everything You Need to Know

The Thing About Toners

Toners bring a freshness to the skin. Infused with different properties, the variety of what is blended into each one is vast. If you’ve got sensitive skin that needs clearing, you can focus on a rose toner. Need something soothing and calming? Head over to aloe. Antioxidants are plentiful in green tea. There’s a toner for whatever skincare balance you're seeking.

When to Use Them?

After using a cleanser or rinsing your face in the morning and evening, use a toner afterward. It wipes away the residue and dead skin cells. You’ll want to allow it to try for a few seconds, making sure it soaks in, and then move onto the next steps in your skincare routine.

Ingredients to Avoid

Skip out on anything with alcohol. It’s drying for your skin and strips off too much of the natural oils. What happens is overproduction without anything on the skin - and another reason to avoid harsh peel off masks!

Cleansers to Try for Every Budget and Skin Type

There’s a lot of toners which are affordable, both in stores and online. Read ingredients, check for what’s going to work best, and start with a modest price point. Test before investing in anything super expensive. Check out these picks for some direction and ideas.

Urban Oreganics - $18 - Clearing, and softening

Lo and Behold Naturals - $20 - Skin healing, nourishing

Bears Beauty - $16 - Calming and circulation promoting  

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