How to Change Your 3 Skincare Snags

Getting your best skin possible isn't waving a wand. It's more like waiting for a pot of water to boil. And that's okay. But knowing what your skin is trying to tell you and how to change it is what we're going to tackle.

Dry + Flaky: Water. More than anything else, you need moisture back into your body, which will in turn make your skin hydrated again. Once you've got that down (think sometimes close to a gallon each day spread out!), opt for a good moisturizer every morning and evening.

Acne Prone: Clean eating. Whole foods. That's the motto of good healthy bodies and skincare. Change pillow cases often, along with your hands and phone which happen to touch your face. Switch out pore-clogging makeup for natural choices, and work on beneficial acids like sacyllic, lactic, and glycolic acids.

Wrinkles: Sun protection. Hydration. Relaxation. Wrinkles can be tackled with everything you need to do with dry + flaky and acne prone skin. But you also can sleep on your back, try microneedling, and make sure to wear hats on sunny days.

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