How to Do Skincare This Fall

Gone are the harsh rays of summer sunlight, and with it fall wraps its knitted arms around us. It brings less light, more dryness. Crunch leaves, and everything pumpkin-spiced. But for skincare, the changes get a little easier.

While you can probably take more of a break from that wide brimmed summer hat, keep hold of the sunscreen - yes you need it all year around and this is why - and dive from the pool and into the changes that will happen from fall skincare.

Repairing Sun Damage After Summer

After all the sunshine, even with careful hiding and sunscreen, you probably got a little damage. What to focus is on is trying to get skin to not be too dry or oily, which are signs of skin reacting to getting in balance again.

Head for things like green tea, aloe vera, lavender, rose, chamomile, and other naturally soothing botanicals. Try to chill things before using, and work on showering with cooler water on the face.

Softening Skin With Exfoliating Scrubs

Gentle scrubs, from either DIY or bought, can be helpful for refreshing skin. Infused with oils, a facial scrub can act to both put in moisture and prepare the skin for the rest of your skincare routine.

If you follow a Korean skincare routine, this step can happen a little more frequently. If new to exfoliation, try it once a week and see how your skin responds. If you break out or end up with sensitive skin, take it easy.  

Making Things a Little Cozier

Skincare embraces a pampering vibe, but movements like Hygge (hue-gah), a danish concept about relishing the moment, fit perfectly. Instead of rushing through a routine, making sure spaces are easy for relaxing and getting calm is essential.

Think of this in terms of using a sheet mask, where you take fifteen to twenty minutes of relaxing time. Maybe it’s already a reading corner or freshly made bed. Either way, it’s a natural fit to do a little personal meditation however you like.

Using Retinol for Freshened Skin

Retinol is a staple product in good skin care. It’s a product that works to refresh a layer of skin, and a reason it’s important to use sunscreen. The skin is that fresh! Try and find one that is not as strong, and for one affordable those from The Ordinary are a great choice.

Lower percentages mean less strength and are wise until the skin balances with them. Eventually, you want to try and use these every night as the last step before moisturizer. You’ll find softer skin, with less fine lines and skin damage after summertime.

If you still aren’t sure how to get skin balanced, feel free to check out our simple Korean skincare routine.  

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