How to Use Green Tea to Perk Up Your Day

Why Green Tea is One of Our Favorite Plants

From benefits ranging from fat loss to memory improvement, green tea brings a lot of goodness into the lives of those who use it – often with devoted loyalty. And yes, it goes beyond just delicious tea (but we’ve put one of those in there too). With numerous products and ways to use Green Tea, we’ve narrowed down the ones that are ideal for each time of the day.  

  • Morning: Townshend’s Matcha Green Tea

      • Waking up with green tea, especially matcha, can allow a brightening to the mind. Made from a Portland, OR tea company, it’s a natural, local brand that’s one of the best. Packed with vitamins and a sweet, earthy flavor, this matcha is especially tasty. You can get a taste of it at a local shop, or visit them at Townshend's Tea

    Afternoon: Spicy Green Tea Noodles

      • The middle of the day marks a time when we can get sluggish. A bite of green tea in the way of noodles make for a tasty perk. Mixing spicy from scallions and ginger, sriracha and sesame oil, you end up with a meal that is going to give a you a kick of energy. You can find it from Well and Full

    Evening: Green Tea Face Mask

      • The end of the day, be it after work or on a quiet weekend night, means you’re worn out – and so is your skin. Providing a refreshing dose of moisture and balance, green tea within a face mask heals. It’s a soothing way to slip into a slumber. And yes, we love our own which you can see at HS Skincare

    These are a good start, but there are many wonderful green tea products – go hunting and tell us which ones we should add to our next list. 

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