Interview: Carlos David - The Teenage Skincare Guru's Secrets

You’ve shown an amazing skincare journey. How did you figure it out so young? "I've always taken care of my physical image, and you kind of have to when you're a teenager and have all these expectations at school. I was desperate to clear my acne and I knew I could if I worked hard for it. So I read countless articles to see what I could do to cure my acne and got to work as early as 13 years old."

What would you like to see more of from the skincare industry? "I believe the skincare industry needs more natural products. There's too many products that, although they work, they have harsh chemicals that might affect you in the long run. Also, seeing more cruelty-free products would be great."

So, can you tell us a secret no one else knows (it’s totally not going to be kept that way)? A skincare secret I learned is that less is more. Although I have a really complex routine, I learned that your face adapts and will always try to fix itself. Simply doing a routine at night can have the same effects as doing it both morning and night.

What’s the biggest skincare faux-pas you see people making?The biggest faux-pas would have to be people really believe that drying your skin out will get rid of acne. If you dry out your pimples, they do get smaller, but not having moisture in your skin can in fact cause more acne.

And where can people catch up with you? 

Instagram: @Yadigcarlos

Twitter: @Minajables




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