The 3 Best Sunscreen too Good to Keep Secret - Natural, Vegan and Under $25

All swoon-worthy, reviewed, and affordable, these sunscreens bring you sweet skincare dreams. While all are rated good from EWG (oh, they’re nifty for knowing what’s dirty) you can read our little synopsis of which one might be ideal for you.

Nature’s Brand $ 7.99

Spearheaded by Kathy Ireland, Nature's Brand is part of a company that focuses on natural and organic wellness products. While this version of the sunscreen is beloved, there's a host of others equally good too. 

  • Sweet for skin: tinted with shades for light to darker skin tones

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True Naturals Ultra SPF 50 $19.99

Bringing Lavera to the world, founder Uli Jacob came from a biochemistry background to develop products without toxins. New shoppers can use the code '1STORDER' for a 20% off discount! 

  • Sweet for skin: needing a high range of protection when out

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Suntegrity $24.99

Wishing to create a safe sunscreen after the passing of her mother to skin cancer, founder Tricia developed the non-toxic brand Suntegrity which offers many favorites - and this one was the pick for EWG in 2017. 

  • Sweet for skin: with needing sensitive formulas without fragrance

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