The Best Face and Sheet Masks for Your Skin Needs

Sheet Mask or Face Mask – Which is Better and Why

The simplest way to know the difference is that sheet masks are for locking in moisture and essence, or natural ingredients. Face masks are heavily focused on the main ingredient, with maybe others infused into it.

For ease of use and lack of mess, a sheet mask is simple. But for a whole food, easy DIY a face mask can be awesome too. Both have a place in skincare, but knowing what your skin needs and when is going to get you the most out of each one. Take a few minutes and get an overview of the best ingredients and uses.


Charcoal is Great for Blemished Skin But Avoid Peels

You can’t cross into any beauty related blog and not find something about charcoal. Used for centuries to rid the body of poison, charcoal leeches out toxins from the body. Naturally, it means that for skincare blemishes and clogged pores benefit from it.

Sheet masks are gentle, and great if you have dry and combination skin. They’ll work to put in moisture for the skin, and not dry anything out. The perks of a face mask are having a more intense delivery of charcoal. Your skin will dry out a little, and get a deeper cleanse.

But the most intense of any charcoal mask is a charcoal peel mask. It’s also the worst. Fun as it is to peel off a mask, the act also peels off the top layer of your skin. You never want to do this! Stripping all the natural oils and skin cells means your skin is damaged.

What does damaged skin do? It breaks vessels, overproduces oils, and gets unbalanced afterward. If anything like a mask hurts, don’t do it! Somethings in skincare are painful, like laser treatments or some retinol that can sting a little, but nothing should reduce you to tears or sheer fear.

Instead, you should be at total ease when it comes to sheet and face masks.


Eye Masks for Puffy Skin and Wrinkled Skin

An eye mask is going to be a smaller version of a sheet mask, placed around the eyes to target bags, crow’s feet, and puffiness from either stress or diet (cut the salt down). If you don’t want to soak in essence across the face and feel like the eyes seem out of balance with the rest of the face, try an eye mask first.


Smile Lines and Dryness? Lip Masks for Softer Skin

A lip mask is going to cover the entire mouth and go over in an almost comical look. The reason for the oversized lip mask is to get around the entire mouth, even up onto the philtrum. It’s best to do this after you’ve eaten the last meal so that you can let the essence soak into the skin and not end up eating it.


Aloe Vera for Dry and Damaged Skin

Aloe is like the mirror to charcoal. It isn’t going to soak out toxins but instead, infuses the skin with moisture. Ever get a sunburn and hear to cut a piece of aloe off and rub it on? That’s good advice! But if you want an easier benefit to aloe a sheet mask it’s probably the simplest one. Moisture and cooling are the reasons allow works so well no matter what form you use it in.


Why Korean Skincare? – Brighter, Clearer, and Softer We’re biased to Korean Skincare and love how it transforms skincare. While not everything is going to work for you, a lot of the focus on Korean methods is to get skin remaining less aged, more even, and supple to the touch. When you see words like brighter, think of an even tone.

Clearer means fewer blemishes. Softer or cleansed means clean and less wrinkled. It’s simple to follow, but always check the benefits and main ingredient to see if it is going to work for you.

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