Why a Korean Collagen Face Mask Makes You Glow

Chances are if you dabble in skincare, collagen pops up. That’s from it being the most abundant protein, and why we love children with their chubby cheeks. When young, collagen is plentiful and gives a youthful appearance. Soaking it into the skin, especially as we age, is ideal with a face mask.

Collagen provides plumped looking skin, and is vital for aging skin as it begins to thin, losing its natural stores of collagen.

Don’t fret about it happening, because after about twenty-five our skin starts having collagen lessen each year. You can slow down the process with wise choices, like eating a whole foods diet and exercising each day.

But the skin on your face, exposed to elements, needs special care with a quality skincare routine.

 There are plenty of masks to choose from, but collagen for anyone feeling deflated or lacking moisture is probably a good place to begin. You’ll find that with using collagen, your skin will end up more hydrated alongside other steps in skincare, like using great serums, cleansers, and toners. Facial masks act as a super nutrient boost, with the mask blocking the release of the collagen.

Once finished, patting the remaining layer left on the skin is ideal to make the most of each facial mask that you use.

We like to recommend leaving our facial mask on for at least 15 minutes, which you can find here if your curious to see more about our Collagen Happy Skin Korean Facial Sheet Mask

Collagen might end up being your new favorite addition to skincare, right? If you’d like our articles, tips, giveaways, and promotions please sign-up to our list to join our Happy Skin Family!

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