Why We Think Smarter Designed Masks are Better

A better experience happens with our masks.

You’ve probably tried a face sheet mask by now and if not – don’t worry, they’re an easy fit into skincare routines. Since gaining popularity out of Korea, the traditional design of face masks hasn't changed much - and it isn't always ideal.

Not all features are an ideal fit for a face mask.

What we've done is make ours just a little bigger - about 10-15% - so that no one is left out when it comes to great skincare routines.

There’s just more to love – for the simple answer.

But making sure they work better matters too. And they feel different not only from being bigger, but what they’re made from.

Usually masks are made from cotton – but ours use rayon and cotton.

Rayon is a natural fiber, but it retains water a lot longer. That means our essence – oh yes, we adjusted that too – isn’t going to dry out in the air at all.

That matters, because depending on the essence… we probably should tell you what that is too! Think of any type of serum or product in a bottle or mask, that’s essence. Ours is derived from natural ingredients used throughout history for radiant skin. Okay, back to why that essence in our rayon and cotton mask matters.

The fibers of the mask really prevent it from leaving your skin so fast.

Depending on your skin type, molecules within the essence, and room temperature, the benefits of a mask session change . How did we avoid all the variables in a mask experience?

We doubled the essence up. Our masks feel 'wetter' because many people aren't putting in enough serum.

We want you to be able to soak in a dollop – or 25g to be technical about it - of serum each time you mask. Your skin won’t be left with not having your first skin layers untouched.

They’ll be soaking up the goodness we’ve put together no matter which mask you pick.

We wanted to make a mask that fits you, whoever you are, wherever you live, with a budget to make sure your always taking care of your skin.

Let us know what you think – we love reviews that let us know what you love or would like to see. If you have any questions, feel free to check out FAQ or Contact Us!

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