Supple and Soft Skin with our Variety HS Skincare Korean Facial Sheet Mask 5

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Jason Kan
HS Skincare

Beautifying the skin means putting nourishing, healthy ingredients within it. The newest product that bundles all the signature face masks from HS Skincare putting together the aloe, rose, charcoal, collagen, and green tea in a bundle with one of each. The focus is the essence of each face mask, which packs in healing and soothing properties into the skin.

Aloe heals damaged skin. Rose softens mature lines. Charcoal detoxifies pores. Collagen improves elasticity. Green Tea soothes dryness. Together used in a skincare routine with face masks, the skin benefits from other blended ingredients.

Castor oil is a skin moisturizer, benefiting from the long face mask sessions. To reduce damaged cells, Camellia Sinensis melds together a benefit in being gentle and easy for sensitive skin. Using historically known ingredients that benefit skincare for centuries, the technical delivery and methods used in our face masks made from cotton and rayon provide a better masking experience.

Consistent skincare provides reduced signs of aging, able to reverse some of the wear from lifestyle and environmental strain. Using a face mask at least once a week gives skin a chance to rejuvenate, with enough time soaking in beneficial essence to make a difference after continued use.

Cleanse face, free of product - Apply Mask, smoothing it out - Leave for 15-20 minutes, for absorption Remove, and massage skin without rinsing.

Price + Availability: Variety HS Skincare Korean Facial Sheet Mask 5 - $15 at, March 2017.

HS Skincare is dedicated to creating skincare products that embrace nature's finest ingredients, and giving you the happiest skin. We weave together good ingredients and unique delivery methods long known to make skin healthy, supple, and bright. From aloe to roses, we use nature's healing properties to enhance your natural beauty.

Designed to minimize our impact on our environment, HS Skincare™ avoids unnecessary packing and waste, using non-toxic manufacturing processes for the healthiest products possible in skincare. Cruelty Free and transparent in our methods, feel free to peek at our full ingredient list in each product. Our products are created from the European (EAS), North American (USA), and Korean standards for requirements and safety. We work to not use the most contested ingredients from Environmental Working Group (EWG). For more information, visit: